Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's Official!

Yippee!!  Summer slipped in while we were nagging at the rain to 'go away'! 
A rosy blush above the mountains and a chorus of robins and chickadees joined the rat~a~tat
of a downy woodpecker to wake me up this morning! 
I don't know who said this,

"There is no hope for a civilization which starts each day to the sound of an alarm clock."

but I tend to agree.  How lovely it is to move from cozy slumber to bustling day
when coaxed by nature's chorus!

Here at the shop, we have been waiting for these pretty days!  I love it when I can have both doors open and a breeze skitters through!  It's so fresh and welcoming when folks come in from the street to see what we are about!  And now we are all about the stars and stripes!  Flags, tea towels, and fun accessories to spunk up your summer decor. 
Oh! I just LOVE summer in Snohomish!!
This will be a busy weekend in town!  Craven Farm will start it off at 8:00 Saturday morning with their fun~fulled Tailgate Antique Sale!  They start early, so you can finish off your day scouting around town! 
Be sure to visit the Speckled Hen~ The door is open, come on in!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Day Away...

A day away from the shop, mid~week, can be quickly filled with items from that endless 'to~do' list. It is fulfilling to check off this list, but it is also good to plan some fun in the mix.  I thought I would tidy up my kitchen in the morning while the Speckled Rooster caught up with some yard work, and then maybe we would go downtown for lunch and wander in a few shops...

I guess my work was cut out for me, tiding up turned into matching lids to Tupperware, moping up jam spilled in the fridge... (it had tipped to the side, and run down leaving a little smidge on each shelf and a bright, raspberry red puddle at the bottom)~ out came all the shelves and drawers...  I love this quote from Jessamyn West, "House ordering is my prayer, and when I have finished, my prayer is answered."   I love my home and it feels good to spend some quality time with her!  Amen!

Summer begins on June 21st, it's time to use my summer dishes. Out comes the assortment of lightweight (unbreakable) Corelle.  Some of it dates to 1977~ a wedding present from my Grandma, there are a few bi~centennial plates, some blue gingham and my favorite 'In the Garden' pattern.  These plates are great to load on a tray to carry to the backyard. My Blue Willow and cobalt glasses seem a bit much for 'summer'.  So what drinking glasses would go with this casual array?  Of course!!  Mason jars!  How fun to fill with ice and fresh squeezed lemonade!  From the canning cupboard I choose the best jars from a pretty vast collection! Some old, some not so old, but each one simple and beautiful in it's own way!

And the best part might be, the instant vase that is handy for a bouquet picked just outside the kitchen door!

Did we get downtown for lunch?  Maybe next week:)

Monday, June 14, 2010

We're Back!

Historic Downtown Snohomish is bustling as summer fast approaches! 
Here at the shop we are busy working not only on getting our 'blog' up,
but also the announcement of our website! 
I tease about the old Far Side cartoon with the dog on the tight rope that says something like,
"Rex realized he was an old dog and this was a new trick"  But anyway... here we go (again!)