Monday, January 5, 2015

Look to This Day

Look to This Day
For it is life, the very Life of Life.
In its brief course lie all the varieties and realities of your existence.
 The bliss of Growth,
The glory of Action,
The splendor of Beauty;
For yesterday is already a dream,
and tomorrow is only a vision;
But today, well~lived, makes every yesterday a dream of happiness,
And every tomorrow a vision of hope.
Look well, therefore, to this Day.
Such is the salutation of the Dawn.
*from the Sanskrit

I love this little bit of prose, a timely reminder as we step into a new year, white squares on the calendar all fresh, waiting to be filled. What will we do with those days? For me, a bit more than two months out from my little store, I am looking forward to sharing new adventures with you!
~My Heart is at Home~
Will you join me in exploring what some folks call 'the third act'...
Let 2015 be a year to rediscover our common hearth, the door is open, won't you step inside?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Coming up on Father's Day this Sunday, June 17,
and the milestone of my dad's 80th birthday Saturday June 16!
I just want to thank my dad for being the best dad ever.
Patient, loving, kind, fun, funny, handsome~
these are just a few of the patches on his vest.
But the real truth is in the space between the words.
The stories of growing up at the bottom of Bunk Fosse Road,
up the long driveway, in the middle of twenty wooded acres. 

One of my best memories is of the four of us, lined up on the davanoe,
in front of our big picture window, waiting for dad to help us with our shoes and socks.
First he would roll up the sock and slip it over our foot,
running his hand along to make sure there weren't any wrinkles.
Then he opened the laces wide and slid our stockinged foot into the shoe. 
Starting at the bottom, pulling the laces tight until at the top,
he took the little bunny around the tree and tied the perfect bow.
"Is that too tight?"
"No, Daddy, just right!"

And teaching me to drive~
The clutch was an interesting aspect of that ordeal!
It's a wonder we didn't get permanent whiplash from the
jerking, starting, stopping, killing the motor,
but you were patient.
"Let out on the clutch, as you press on the gas... slowly... good..."
How many miles did we put on those country roads as I practiced my new skill?
Thanks to you, I'm a pretty good driver, I know all the backroads,
and my favorite vacation is still a road trip!

How about my high school date to a dance in Lake Hills?
The car broke down on the way home, I said, "I'll call my dad."
No cell phones back then, the other girl and I hiked to a pay phone.
I called and explained the circumstance , he said "I'll be right there."
It didn't even seem strange to me at the time that he found me somewhere in Redmond,
in the dark, on a Saturday night without any directions.

He was my Dad, of course he would find me!

Last summer the cousins from Norway were here and a family picnic was planned.
Dad didn't think he would go.
When I called to double check in the morning, he said,
"Ok, but I'll drive myself in case I don't want to stay too long."
I said, "I will drive, and we will leave when you are ready."
We had so much fun! Catching up with the cousins, sharing stories,
Dad was the go~to guy as we looked through the old family photos.
I think we were the last ones to leave!

So many good memories of times with my dad, and more to come!

Thanks, Dad!
Happy Birthday! Happy Father's Day!
Love you~
Lynda Raye

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sunsets in Snohomish ~ June 9, 2012

It's time for the first in our series of summer wine tasting & shopping events!
There are still a few 'early~bird' tickets available here at the

Speckled Hen

We are looking forward to hosting

Jim Garner
(no, not Rockford...)

Icon Cellars

in our bright, new location on the
Sunny Side of the Street!

Just $5 for 5 sips
(bring your own glass)
See you Saturday!

Speckled Hen Country Store
922 First Street
Historic Downtown Snohomish

Regular Shop Hours:
Monday ~ Saturday 11am to 5pm
Sunday ~ Noon to 4pm

Friday, March 23, 2012

Welcome Spring!

Here we are, all nestled in to the new digs at
922 First Street!
It has been awhile since our last post, I know... 
no excuses, we've just been busy getting settled and feathering our new nest.
We are LOVING our new location on the sunny side of the street~
I thought I would share a few pictures in case you haven't had a chance to pop in...
 Our rug~hooking supplies fit so nice and cozy in the little red shed!
We had to sacrifice our 'by the yard' fabric to fit in over here,
but there is still a great selection of one~yard cuts and fat quarters.
Also, if you haven't seen the new Primitive Quilts magazine, you will want to pick up a copy.
It is such a fabulous publication, with a prim project for everyone
 Applique, Quilting, Rug Hooking, Doll Making...
It is a wonderful resource!

We have been scouring the countryside to add more 'old stuff'', too!
The farmhouse finds add such a great dimension to the shop and
really compliment the folk~art and primitive country accessories.

Doesn't it all look great? Thank you for taking time to peek,

... and here is our friend Christine, taking home her new chalk board!

Hope to see you soon!

Blessings and joy this spring and always~

Lynda & Sparky
Kaysie and Jen

Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Mr. Lincoln

I never behold the stars, that I do not feel that I am
looking in the face of God.
I can see how it might be possible
for a man to look down upon the earth
and be an atheist,
but I cannot conceive
how he could look up into the heavens
and say there is no God.

*Abraham Lincoln
February 12, 1809 ~ April 15, 1865

Sunday, January 22, 2012

We've Moved!!

Monday, January 9, Berthina handed off the key to 922 First Street...
We have a blank slate, so to speak!
I am so excited to be moving Speckled Hen to this wonderful, historic building. 
The floors are creaky and worn and lean a little to the left,
think of all the folks who have walked in this old storefront! 
I like to picture the shoes they wore... high~button shoes, leather boots, canvas tennies...
It is cliche I know, but "If these walls could talk, what stories they would tell!"

We took out a sink and counter left from the days as a tea room, which left the wall a big mess.
A little pine paneling covers a multitude of sins!
Doug, along with our friend Harry and brother~in~law Bryce framed in the wide opening to the storage room.  Now it is just the right size for our old screen door. 

Now it's time for a fresh coat of paint...

Rich and John mask the trim and the light fixtures in preparation of the job ahead.
Soon the ceiling will be 'Washed Canvas' and the walls will be 'Sofie's Quilt'.
In my next life, I want a job naming paint colors! Don't they sound wonderful?
We love antiques, don't you:)

 Saturday the 14th our son Russ and son~in~law Todd joined the fun.  Russ helped Bryce put up the Wash House sign and roof, while Todd cut in and framed a window in the odd little room. Now it all looks so cozy!
The window we chose came from my sister Jill's old house.Now she is a part of the hen house too!
So, here we are all charged up and ready to move in and Mother Nature decides to offer us her best winter splendor! It started snowing on Sunday and pretty much kept on all week.  Did that slow us down?  Not a bit!  Doug had to work early on Monday morning, so Harry picked me up about 8 am and we headed into town.  Once we parked in front of the new shop, Harry slipped on his orange vest and shoveled a little trail from 915 to 922, set up cones and we were ready to roll!
We wanted to get the big old counter and the red shed moved on Monday, then the plan was to move the rest of the big furniture on Tuesday.  By 10 am Doug was off work, Todd was back and my dear friend Kim came by and we just kept on truckin'...
By the end of the day, the new shop was full of furniture, bins and boxes and piles...
Dear friends Betty and Reidar peeked in after lunch to check our progress.  I told them, come back, we'll be open on Friday.  I think Betty thought I was a little nutty... could be the paint fumes I guess!
Oh, man...
By Thursday, the moving was over and it was just like putting a puzzle together.  My sister Gayle came everyday to help me figure out the pieces, along with Bryce and Doug.  It really was fun seeing it come together. 

My sister, Gayle and friend Sharon of TroyBeck Antiques.

I could never have accomplished this project without the help of my wonderful family and friends.
Bryce was there every day, up the ladder, under the shop, across the street, you name it, he did it!
Gayle painted, swept & decorated while we reminisced our childhood.
Harry~ above and beyond, good neighbor, wonderful friend.
Russ and Todd gave up a Saturday afternoon with their little ones to help ol' mom.
Sharon not only loaned me warm snow boots & and wool socks,
but brought home~made corn chowder for lunch! 
My mom and dad are in sunny Arizona, but they called everyday to check on me
and offer their love and moral support. 
Kim took a vacation day to help out, Priscilla baked cookies and lasagna
and her nice husband, Bryan drove her to town to deliver her gifts.
Doug's friend Greg from Costco stopped in, as did great friends Gwen & Joe.
Doug, Bryce, Harry, Russ, Todd, Gayle, Sharon, Kim, Priscilla, Bryan...
offered so much more than helping hands.  Love, laughs & encouragement...
and all during the biggest winter storm in years! 

Thank you all so much!
You are the best~

The finished project?  Better come in and see!

Blessings to you~
Lynda & Sparky

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Change is in the wind...

October is here! The wind comes in blusters, sending burnished maple leaves scuttering along the sidewalk like chipmunks. The breeze carries stories if you listen~ they echo off the store fronts that line First Street in Historic Downtown Snohomish. Tales of a humble beginning when folks first scratched out a clearing along the river. Stories of a busy shopping district where my grandparents came every Saturday for groceries and livestock feed. The Eagles building was a hub of activity and in our family, the place for receptions as my older cousins married off. I love watching the renovation of that grand old landmark. What stories those walls could tell!

Listen! There are more stories swirling on the street. Shhh~ What’s that? The 900 block? I’m listening… January? 2012?

Life, ever evolving brings change. It is with much joy and excitement that I announce, together with my friend Berthina of Foland’s Folly, a big move for both of us! After months of deliberation, Berthina and her family have decided to relocate her shop to the original Folly… a little house David reconstructed behind their Everett home. The shop will be open by chance or appointment in the early spring of 2012. A new and improved website is also in the works for Foland’s Folly.

It is said, ‘When one door closes, another one opens’. As Berthina steps from her doorway into a place of family time and contentment, the Speckled Hen will move across the street and nestle into the cozy spot at 922 First Street. I have warm memories of this historic storefront. I walked those creaky board floors as a kid, when it was known as Weeds Variety. Max Weed helped us choose our school supplies, and if we were lucky there were a few pennies left for a piece of licorice or two. Now another layer will be added to the patina and more stories will unfold.

Both shops are undergoing changes, but for now, you won’t even notice! Foland’s Folly and Speckled Hen are geared up for the holidays and look as beautiful as ever. You will still be greeted by warm and friendly smiles… it will be business as usual through December 2011. Then our respective new stories will begin…

Thank you for taking time from your busy schedules to read my ramblings…Blessings to you!