Monday, September 6, 2010

A Creative Safari

     ....and so we set up our little camp in the big forest.  Nestled among the pine trees, along the river joined by the darling little forest friends...
     This little trailer has been in our family for about fifty years.  It has rolled over Stevens Pass countless times and provided shelter for us in most of the little parks along the way.
     This year baby Paige had the honor of being the 5th generation to sleep in this cozy little cabin on wheels.  I am pretty sure my grandma and grandpa were smiling down on us!

My favorite place to be when we are camping is down on the river bank.  I pack my basket full of wool, thread, scissors and such down the trail to my most wonderful work station.  My chair sits in the water along the shallow edge beside a giant stone table.  A bigger rock behind my 'table' offers some shelter from the wind that can whistle down the river and is home to a cute little gray lizard, who sometimes comes to watch me as I work.
These woods and river are such a sacred place for me.  This year as I sit here with my feet in the water working, I am blessed to have the grand babies join us for some good splash time.  When I close my eyes it is my own babies giggling in the sun (it doesn't seem that long ago!)  then too, I have my childhood daydreams of my sisters, brother and I skipping in this icy water. 

Life Is Good!

Now we are home again, relaxed and rejuvenated! 
The shop is full to the brim with all the needful things for fall! 
Hops bunched with Chinese Lanterns, pumpkin candles and these spooky wool candle mats...

Fall is definitely in the air as we mark these September days~

Days grow shorter~
Gather in...
Let the Harvest Time begin!

 Blessings and Hugs to you and yours,