Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Shopping We Will Go...

Welcome to sunny Southern California! 

What a great little get~away from the cold Northwest November! 
A trip to visit family and hunt for vintage treasures to re~stock the shop!
First stop... The Rose Bowl!  Oh I wish I could bring everyone along, it is such fun! 
You never know what you might find...

and the people watching is grand!

We had our little wire shopping carts, but some people were really prepared! 

That rolling cart was packed!

Antiquing truly is a treasure hunt, isn't it?  It has been said that antique hunters and junkers are the original recyclers, and I believe that is true!  I love the idea that I have helped some well worn, much loved item continue on it's journey!  When I feel the soft leather of a pair of tiny button~up baby shoes it is easy to imagine the wiggly little feet that took their first steps so many years ago!  Or give the old school bell a ring~ can't you just see the pigtails flying as the children scurry back into their one room school house?
These 'old things' have made it this far, I am hoping they continue on for another one hundred years!

Now we are back home and looking forward to the holidays!  Just a few days away from Thanksgiving! 
I hope this finds you all well and ready for all the fun ahead! 

Thank you for checking into my little blog, I so appreciate you taking the time!  I hope to see you all soon, and don't forget, Historic Downtown Snohomish is place to be on the day after Thanksgiving...
Santa comes to town, there are carolers on the street corners, and we will be open until 8! 
Skip the mall and have an old fashioned beginning to the holiday experience!

I wish you and yours many blessings as you enjoy the festivities~


Monday, November 1, 2010

Now it's November!

                   Time to turn the calendar page to November, the month we celebrate Thanksgiving! 
                     In the hustle of getting ready for the holidays, I try to be thankful for every day. 
                                                             Our blessings are many! 
                                     May I share some grand October moments with you? 
                                            We had a little fall festival at our place.
                             The grand~ones came and we ate chili and carved pumpkins...

Paige just had to take a taste...
Displaying their proud creations...

The crew is ready to Trick or Treat!
The darling little peapod, Jamie...


And now at the shop it is time to decorate for Christmas!  
It is so much fun it is to finally get to start displaying the wonderful things
that have been coming in over the last few months! 

Santa's and Snowmen!
Holiday plates and mugs!
Tea towels and potholders!

As I watch the rain splash on the sidewalk outside the shop, it is easy to imagine white flakes swirling! 

I love to hear "They say it is going to be a hard winter." 
I love that not because I look forward to a hard winter, I really don't. 
I love to hear any "They say..." phrases because it brings my grandma right back here with me. 
She would say that with a multitude of different endings and I would tease, "Who are 'they', Grandma?"  She'd get a little flustered with me and conclude that whoever 'they' were,
they must know what they are talking about:)

So~ all that aside, they do say it is going to be a hard winter,
so I think you should pop into the Speckled Hen and plan a winter project!

 Maybe an adorable hooked Santa? 
We have hand~dyed wool, Beth's original pattern and monk's cloth by the yard...
Wouldn't that be fun? 

And don't forget the wonderful selection of homespuns and calico prints,
it's not to late to stitch up a pretty table runner. 
Or maybe you just need little squares of fabric to top off the jam you made this summer for
Christmas gift baskets.

Christmas Gift Baskets!  Oh my!  Now that is another great idea! 
Put together a basket of great finds for your special friend~
A pretty towel, a spicey candle, maybe a plate of home made cookies with a matching mug.

The Heart that Gives also Gathers~

or so they say!

Blessings to you, I hope to see you soon!