Friday, April 1, 2011

Sparky!! The Shop Dog ~

The newest member of the Speckled Hen family...

My sister Gayle called me a couple of weeks ago and said,
"I have an early birthday present for you, I'm on my way to the shop!"

about 1/2 hour later here she comes with a wiggly ball of golden fur...
A 10 week old puppy!  He is 1/2 pomeranian & 1/2 dachsaund so we decided he is a...


The cute thing is, I had told Gayle I really missed having a dog,
but my problem was I wanted a golden retriever the size of a weinie dog. 
Doesn't he look just like a tiny golden?

Brookie named him Sparky, and he really is a spark!

I say he is learning to be a shop dog, but really I am learning to have a shop dog:)

I hope you pop in soon to meet the little guy~
he will make you smile and if he could talk
I know he would say

"Bark Less ~ Wag More"

Blessings to you all,
Happy April!!!