Friday, April 1, 2011

Sparky!! The Shop Dog ~

The newest member of the Speckled Hen family...

My sister Gayle called me a couple of weeks ago and said,
"I have an early birthday present for you, I'm on my way to the shop!"

about 1/2 hour later here she comes with a wiggly ball of golden fur...
A 10 week old puppy!  He is 1/2 pomeranian & 1/2 dachsaund so we decided he is a...


The cute thing is, I had told Gayle I really missed having a dog,
but my problem was I wanted a golden retriever the size of a weinie dog. 
Doesn't he look just like a tiny golden?

Brookie named him Sparky, and he really is a spark!

I say he is learning to be a shop dog, but really I am learning to have a shop dog:)

I hope you pop in soon to meet the little guy~
he will make you smile and if he could talk
I know he would say

"Bark Less ~ Wag More"

Blessings to you all,
Happy April!!!



  1. Lynda, adorable!! Can't wait to visit!! Cute little addition to your wonderful shop!!

    Have fun with the little one!! Mona

  2. Thanks Mona! He is pretty cute! Hope to see you soon!!!