Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Coming up on Father's Day this Sunday, June 17,
and the milestone of my dad's 80th birthday Saturday June 16!
I just want to thank my dad for being the best dad ever.
Patient, loving, kind, fun, funny, handsome~
these are just a few of the patches on his vest.
But the real truth is in the space between the words.
The stories of growing up at the bottom of Bunk Fosse Road,
up the long driveway, in the middle of twenty wooded acres. 

One of my best memories is of the four of us, lined up on the davanoe,
in front of our big picture window, waiting for dad to help us with our shoes and socks.
First he would roll up the sock and slip it over our foot,
running his hand along to make sure there weren't any wrinkles.
Then he opened the laces wide and slid our stockinged foot into the shoe. 
Starting at the bottom, pulling the laces tight until at the top,
he took the little bunny around the tree and tied the perfect bow.
"Is that too tight?"
"No, Daddy, just right!"

And teaching me to drive~
The clutch was an interesting aspect of that ordeal!
It's a wonder we didn't get permanent whiplash from the
jerking, starting, stopping, killing the motor,
but you were patient.
"Let out on the clutch, as you press on the gas... slowly... good..."
How many miles did we put on those country roads as I practiced my new skill?
Thanks to you, I'm a pretty good driver, I know all the backroads,
and my favorite vacation is still a road trip!

How about my high school date to a dance in Lake Hills?
The car broke down on the way home, I said, "I'll call my dad."
No cell phones back then, the other girl and I hiked to a pay phone.
I called and explained the circumstance , he said "I'll be right there."
It didn't even seem strange to me at the time that he found me somewhere in Redmond,
in the dark, on a Saturday night without any directions.

He was my Dad, of course he would find me!

Last summer the cousins from Norway were here and a family picnic was planned.
Dad didn't think he would go.
When I called to double check in the morning, he said,
"Ok, but I'll drive myself in case I don't want to stay too long."
I said, "I will drive, and we will leave when you are ready."
We had so much fun! Catching up with the cousins, sharing stories,
Dad was the go~to guy as we looked through the old family photos.
I think we were the last ones to leave!

So many good memories of times with my dad, and more to come!

Thanks, Dad!
Happy Birthday! Happy Father's Day!
Love you~
Lynda Raye

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  1. Lynda, thank you for sharing such sweet memories!! My Dad taught me how to drive a stick shift in the country too!! Afterwards, we stopped for a chocolate malt! I think his hands were shaking just a bit!! I was lucky to have met your sweet parents!! Happy Birthday to your sweet Daddy!!
    Blessings to you and your dear family!