Friday, July 9, 2010

Fabric, fabric, fabric...

I spent the day after the 4th in the cozy little fabric room~
I love to tidy the bolts of cloth, re-wrap and re-tie the smooth cotton...

It gave me a chance to really see each and every bolt and some of our 'old friends' found their way to the sale shelves:)  We all know the wonderful feel of a fine Moda print, now is the time to plan a nice fall project using some of these timeless favorites!
 Isn't this inspiring?   It really takes me back to the first sewing class I ever took.  My mom signed me up at a sewing machine store in Everett. We shopped at   JC Penney on Colby for the material for the jumper I wanted to make. I must have been in 6th or 7th grade because in 8th grade I could choose 'Home Ec' as my elective class and I learned how to make a lovely robe out of bath towels and an apron...:)   in spite of this beginning, I still have an absolute love of textiles and the creative possibilities they offer! 
I hope you plan a trip to the Speckled Hen soon, summer is such a fun time in Snohomish!

And how was your 4th?  Ours was a bit chilly and a little damp, but we gathered for a picnic anyway!  The kids helped dress the scarecrow in her summer frock...

Isn't she sweet?  I wonder if she will keep the deer from the raspberries this year!

And in case you wondered how Kaysie's ice cream cake was received...
Jordan said "YUM!"

And now we are enjoying a taste of summer!  Yippee~ Enjoy the days ahead, and be sure to pop in the shop to say "Hi!" when you are in town! 
The door is open, come on in!!

Friendship's Road

Friendship is a chain of gold,
Shaped in God's all~perfect mold;
Each link a smile, a laugh, a tear,
A grip of the hand, a word of cheer.
As steadfast as the ages roll, binding closer soul to soul;
No matter how far or heavy the load,
Sweet is the journey on Friendship's Road.
*JB Downie

Blessings and friendship to you~



  1. ohhhhh what a beautiful day we had!!! I love the fabric room too! I need to start a new project... a 4th of july quilt??

  2. What a lovely post Linda! A fabric sale?? Wonder if I can talk Jeff into a visit to Snohomish? I need more fabric like I need a hole in the head!!LOL LOVE FABRIC!!!!
    Also loved the beautiful poem....sweet sentiment!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. A Fabric Sale? oye - let's NOT tell Janene.... :) Hope you have a GREAT Kla Ha Ya Days! :)