Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Birthday, USA!!

Isn't it hard to believe it is already July?? 
 I feel like I'm still in May and it's time to
plan the menu for the 4th of July picnic! 
The good news is, Jeff Renner says the weather is going to be pretty good~ so Yippee!

The Speckled Rooster and I hung our banners and flags up yesterday. Everything looks so festive and 'summery'. Even my great grandma's out house gets a flag:) Isn't it adorable?

 I can hardly wait for Sunday when the grands will all be here to play in the yard,

and run through the sprinkler! And we must cook up a big pot of corn on the cob!

How 'bout a recipe for a delicious summer dessert? 
 Here is Kaysie's famous ice cream cake~


1 pkg Oreo cookies (use a food processor to make fine crumbs)
1 half gallon each: vanilla ice cream and chocolate ice cream
1 jar hot fudge
red vines, Reddi whip and blue m&ms

  1. Press cookie crumbs in bottom of 9x13 pan.  Freeze 30 minutes.
  2. Soften chocolate ice cream, drop in small spoonfuls over crust, smooth & freeze 1 hour.
  3. Spread fudge sauce evenly over ice cream.  Freeze 30 minutes.
  4. Soften vanilla ice cream, drop in small spoonfuls over fudge sauce, smooth & freeze 8 hours.
Decorate with red vines & reddi whip to make your stripes, leaving a nice 'field' for your  m&m stars.
Keep in freezer until ready to serve, let stand 5~10 minutes before cutting.  Yummy!!

So, again I say Happy Birthday, USA! and sign off with one of my favorite quotes;

"Would to God that we might spend a single day really well."
                * Thomas Kempis (1380~1471)

The shop will be closed on the 4th for picnicking and family fun.  Have a super and safe holiday ~
Blessings to you and yours,


  1. ~*~*~*HAPPY 4th of July~*~*~*~*
    I can't wait to make that cake again this year! :) Yummm!

  2. Thank you for posting such sweet pictures!! Have a wonderful weekend with that precious family of yours!! Happy Independence Day!!

    That cake sounds yummy!!! :)

  3. Lynda, I'm going to make Kaysie's cake this week...sounds and looks wonderful.

  4. Lynda, it's only signing Leonard's name,,,he really won't be making it but, I'm sure he will love to eat it! Mary Stevens